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Ningbo Bright Electric Co., Ltd.

Designer and manufacturer of LED flashlights, portable LED work lights, LED camping lanterns, motion sensor lights an...

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  • Phone: 0086-574-65162818
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    Qiaotouhu, NingHai, ZheJiang, China
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Company Profile
Ningbo Bright Electric Co., Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative, versatile, functional battery powered portable lighting devices. Since 2002, Bright Electric has been creating a cool and beautiful array of lighting gadgets to cover a variety of household, workplace and recreational needs. The Bright Electric's product collection includes a selection of LED flashlights such as high power LED flashlights for heavy duty use, general purpose LED flashlights for everyday use, easy-to-access keychain flashlights that are handy enough to be kept as traveling companions, and the economical plastic housing LED flashlights. The company also manufactures portable LED work lights, LED camping lanterns, motion sensor lights and LED headlamps.

Bright Electric has a solid reputation for its cost-competitive OEM/ODM solutions achieved through the maximum leverage of its unique combination of designing experiences, engineering expertise and fully equipped manufacturing infrastructure. Operating out of a 28,000 square meter production facility in Ningbo, China, We Bright Electric has its own production machinery including 135 computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes, 6 CNC machining centers, 18 injection molding machines, 2 SMT lines, 3 sandblasters, and 13 assembly lines. The full-blown fabrication capabilities provide Bright Electric the flexibility to engineer and manufacture any standard or custom contract manufacturing project with complete control over quality, production schedules and shipping.

Bright Electric's cutting edge processes are backed by a skilled workforce of over 400 employees including a team of experienced engineers who follow a systematic approach that ensures quick response and smooth production work-flow. Bright Electric holds its products to the most stringent standards of performance and reliability, ensuring that every product made by Bright Electric performs as promised. Not only does Bright Electric excel at redefining the industry's benchmarks for performance and quality, but also stands out in delivering exquisite design and versatile functionality.
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